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Shelf Life of Essential Oils

Wondering how long your essential oils will be good for? Most oils just get better with time, but some do not! Check out our list for more details! This is a general guide to how long your essential oils should last when stored in a cool, dark place tightly capped. Keeping the original orifice reducers and lids on the oils ensure the best seal to avoid oxidation. Essential oils will not go rancid like other oils, instead they will oxidize and lose their therapeutic benefits. This chart is a great way to make sure your oils work when you need...

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Best Essential Oils for Diffuser Jewelry

A question we get a lot is what are the best essential oils to use in diffuser jewelry. You can use any essential oil, but obviously some smell much better than others! I love pizza but I don't want to smell like oregano all day! A few things to think about are what your goals are for wearing the oil, any safety concerns, and the overall scent of the oil. As far as safety concerns, just make sure that the oil is safe for the user's age and does not have warnings for any health concern the user may have....

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Update on everything!

This will be pretty short and sweet this time, but I wanted to put out a quick update for everyone! Through the weekend, use coupon code BLEND20 to save 20% off all the blends on our site. Limited to what is in stock only- so shop early! We have been really busy getting all the blends onto the site, and we are doing our first gift show at the beginning of August in Minneapolis. I think I am pretty much packed up for it, but I keep ordering more jewelry to show! I am such a good shopper- but now...

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