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Destination Oils essential oils evaluation review

We have been reviewed by a customer on Facebook- what a great testimony she wrote about us! The author is a well respected aromatherapy user as well as admin of the "Real Aromatherapy Reviews and More 2.0" group. Thank you Laura Ellen for the honest review! She also included a sheet that directly compared Destination Oils to other companies on the market, which is how she came up with her review. The oils were tested "blind", meaning she did not know which oils we ours or the other companies. We appreciate the time and effort she put into this review. 

She writes:

So for 3 months, I did not have an address while I bounced around taking care of my step daughter. Well, I finally do so I had the chance to try

In a climate in the community of distrust, it is often hard to try a new company. I have watched the owner, Kara DeWall interact in the group for about 6 months. Most of you would not know she was an owner as she never self promotes. I knew because she sent us sales memes to be posted hoping someone would give her a chance. In all that time, she never put sales over helping people in the group, she just quietly answered questions. One thing I look at in a company is the conduct of the owners or their representatives. Her quiet perseverance (and her graceful handling of an error made by the admins,) won me over.

If trying a new company is difficult for you after all of the issues we have seen in the last year and a half, this may help you to find a person you can trust to give their oils a try. It is just one idea for help in evaluating a potential company.

Everything was well packed and arrived in a timely manner. They offer free shipping in the US and a $10 flat rate shipping to Canada. Most of the oils are sold in 15 ml sizes so take that into account when comparing prices.

Destination oil eval: I used the method Chris Burder describes to evaluate the oils. I only posted about Destination here but I did compare them. Hubby is my control. As all the oils were what I expected, I did not go past 3 hours. You can learn more about scent testing here.

BASED ON SCENT ALONE, (I do not have a pocket GC/MS) I HAVE NO PROBLEM RECOMMENDING DESTINATION OILS. The tangerine in particular was stunning.

Citrus blend
Sweet bright with a hint of vanilla. 1 Hr: More vanilla, less citrus but very nice, round, leading toward sweet.
3 Hr: Faint lightly citrus and hint of vanilla.

DO Bright, round, powerful. 1 Hr: Mouthwatering, fresh peeled fruit. Vibrant, rich, bright. 3 Hr: Faint, still distinctly tangerine. This is a stunningly bright, fresh tangerine.

Sweet Orange
DO Sweet, bright, strong enough that smelling it allows me to taste it very strongly. 1 Hr: Smooth, sweet, tart, balanced. 3 Hr: Faint, sweet

DO herbal, menthol, hint of sweet, balanced. 1 Hr: Very minty, strong, Fresh. More menthol than herbal. Almost no sweetness. 3 Hr: Menthol, slightly sweet. Fairly strong.

DO floral, slight herbal undertone. Strong enough that smelling it allows me to taste it very strongly. 1 HR: Herbal and floral. Nicely balanced. 3 Hr: Herbal and floral, light camphor developing.

Frankincense (steam distilled carterii)
DO anise, pine, very little sweet, more pungent. Strong enough that smelling it allows me to taste it. 1 HR: Predominant cedar shaving with a licorice top note. Very nice. 3 Hr: Light, Cedar chips and lemon.

-End of review

For those of you who would like to learn more about the testing, please contact us at We would be glad to share it with you!

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