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If you are looking for a reliable source of pure essential oil products and accessories- you have found it! Based in Iowa with retail outlets nationwide, Destination Oils® are designed to help improve physical and emotional well-being naturally. Our oils are 100% pure, therapeutic quality ideal for aromatherapy. All of our oils are uncut with any type of carrier oil and consist of organic material. No pesticides, adulterants or synthetics. We source worldwide while choosing to do our bottling in the US, the best of both worlds! Our essential oils are tested using GC/MS technology to ensure they are pure.

Our company goal is to bring the highest quality essential oils to the aromatherapy community at great prices. We are strong advocates for the safe use of oils and have an aromatherapist we consult on a regular basis. I have a degree in Biology and Chemistry, but being in an Iowa small town, I did not have much opportunity to use it. This company gives me the chance to use my degree and help others, definitely a win-win.
Look around at the education section of our website- we have included age recommendations for safe essential oil use as well as shelf life information and more.
As far as our essential oil jewelry- if we would wear it, we carry it. Most styles are designed by the owner and are influenced directly by what the customers want. We have a great selection for everyone, including kids! All jewelry has a 90 day warranty as well.


Thank you for visiting our website and let us know if you have any questions- we love to be the best at customer service!

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