Easy Room and Linen Essential Oil Spray

Want an easy way to use your essential oils? This is a revised post from last year, the aromatherapy community has been concerned about water in essential oil recipes for a few reasons.

#1 Oil and water don't mix

#2 When water is used, a preservative is needed as well so mold and bacteria do not grow

An easy way around finding a preservative is to use vodka. Now- don't use your good stuff, go get the cheapest vodka you can buy and use that! In each ounce of vodka, use 15-20 drops of essential oil. If it is a strong oil, use less drops. This preparation will not grow yuckies and will last much longer than the water option.

I am making one today with our Bedtime blend for my son- it really helps him fall asleep much faster than on nights he does not use it.

Essential Oil Room Spray Linen Deoderizer Vodka Safe Recipe- Destination Oils

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