How to safely use essential oils during labor and delivery

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Essential Oils and Pregnancy

A customer reached out to me recently for some information on how to safely use essential oils during labor and delivery. I was so excited by the study I found that I had to share.

This study found that peppermint oil was helpful in alleviating nausea and vomiting. Clary sage was used to speed up the labor and "it is interesting to note that of the multi-gravidae in spontaneous labour who received clary sage, 70% did not subsequently require intravenous oxytocin." As a mom who needed oxytocin both times, this would have been great to know!

When looking at maternal well-being, tangerine (mandarin in the study), lemon, and eucalyptus were used with great results.

So if you know of a mama going to have a baby soon, make sure to send a few Destination Oils with her! It is a safe and enjoyable way to stay a little more comfortable through the labor process!
You can read the full study in its entirety here.
Be safe, happy, and healthy!

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