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Looking for where to buy kids essential oil jewelry?

We have added a ton of kids essential oil jewelry styles! Since our childrens' slap bracelets are so popular, we wanted to add to the collection! Some can be used for girls or boys- and they are suitable for mom and dad too! We have a Superman Superhero essential oil bracelet- stretchy for easy on and off. We also have new charm necklaces! Emoji, Hot Air Balloon, Hearts, and Puppies! 16" or 24" necklace lengths depending on style. See them all here! One of my new faves is the "Weave" leather bracelet. Click here to see it! Unisex and multiple...

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Best Essential Oils for Diffuser Jewelry

A question we get a lot is what are the best essential oils to use in diffuser jewelry. You can use any essential oil, but obviously some smell much better than others! I love pizza but I don't want to smell like oregano all day! A few things to think about are what your goals are for wearing the oil, any safety concerns, and the overall scent of the oil. As far as safety concerns, just make sure that the oil is safe for the user's age and does not have warnings for any health concern the user may have....

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New Styles Going Up!

It has been a crazy month getting all the Christmas orders out, but now with January comes NEW DIFFUSER JEWELRY STYLES!! This week I am getting everything added, 2 old styles have been revised and will be back into the lineup along with a ton of brand new styles. We are adding gold, bronze and 2 tone styles too. So excited to get all this up for our customers- if you are ever looking for a diffuser piece and can't find it, let us know at We can see if we can find it or make it for you!

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