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Immuno 2.0 Personal Protection Diffuser

Immuno 2.0 Personal Protection Diffuser

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Greenair's personal protection portable diffuser is a must have in current pandemic times. Use with Resist essential oil to assist with disinfecting and cleansing the air along with items around you. Perfect for small spaces like cars, buses, office cubicles, public bathrooms- any place you need extra cleansing support! It is easy to use- simply fill with water and 3-5 drops of your most needed essential oil and be protected by the ultrasonic mist.

Run Time: 60 1 minute uses

Auto Sensor Shut Off- Yes

Coverage Up To 4 Sq Ft

Capacity: 15 mL

Light Modes: Fixed Blue / Off

Misting Modes: Continuous / Off

Power- Lithium Rechargeable Battery (USB charger included)

Actual Unit Weight- 2.4 oz

Actual Unit Size (L” X W” X H”)- 1.25″ X 1.25″ X 4″

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