Research your oils! Finding Reliable Essential Oil information


Regardless of which brand of essential oils (eo's) you have in your cupboard, you must must must research interactions with them. This is especially true for children, elderly, pregnant/nursing women, and anyone with pre-existing medical conditions. I have tried to put any precautions up on the product pages that you need to know about. However, if you are using any blends, you need to look up each oil listed in that blend. Don't assume that because it is in a blend with other oils it is safe. Case in point-  there was a daycare diffusing a immunity boosting blend (usually these contain cinnamon, clove or both). They are known to be mucous membrane irritants.  The kids had a reaction and emergency vehicles were called. You can read or watch the whole story here.

Some ideas for the home user: If a less potent oil can get the results you want, use that instead. Run the diffuser for 30 minutes or less- not the 2 hour plus run time most have. Wipe down surfaces with a spray made out of the immunity boosting eo and distilled water- that would be more effective against germs anyway. And if my kids were under the age of 5- I would not diffuse anything with cinnamon or clove. Period. I often feel relief that my kids were older when I first started eo's. Any information I had was from an mlm and most of the time wrong. I could have hurt them, and the one time I used peppermint on my temples like they said I did hurt myself! They of course left off that dilution part in their directions! That is one of the reasons I feel so strongly about safety and essential oils.

So be safe with your essential oils. Robert Tisserand, a leading expert on essential oils not affilliate with any specific company, stated on his Facebook page: "Essential oils are entirely composed of chemicals. These are naturally-occurring and not synthetic, but they are still chemicals." Puts it more into perspective I think!

There are some great resources I have found for reliable information. Here they are:

Facebook pages:,

Website : Aromaweb,

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