Digestive Blend Essential Oils- a Testimonial

Do essential oils work for stomach issues? My experience says yes:

This month I wanted to write my own testimonial about our Subdue Digestive Blend- my go to for stomachaches and nausea (we don't even keep the pink stuff in the house!).

Last week I woke up at 5am, which I NEVER do without 2 alarms, and had that feeling of "uh oh- I am gonna be sick". I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I knew it wasn't good. My stomach was ick, so I grabbed my Subdue and fractionated coconut oil and put all over my stomach. I was sure it was going to get worse before it got better, so I headed out to my work area to get orders out for the day- it was a day my coworker was unavailable and orders had to go out! By the time I came back in, I was feeling okay, I went back to bed and slept for a few hours. I was a little queasy the rest of the day but it never got worse. I swear by our Subdue any time I am feeling the stomach bug hit- it is a must have for our house and when we travel.


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