My Master Blend Essential Oil Life Hack

My Blending Hack

Making a custom essential oil blend? Before mixing in large batches I start small. By simply holding the open bottles under your nose, you can move 1 or 2 closer to your nose to smell that scent stronger. When you find the arrangement you like, take a small glass bowl and add 3 drops for the ones closest to your nose. Add 1 or 2 for the scents you want less of in the blend. If this smells pleasing, multiply the result for the total drops in your master blend. Sidenote- A lot of my custom blends have more drops of the top notes and less of the middle/ base notes- that is a good place to start!

For example, I wanted a springtime blend with citrus and I wanted to use Spearmint. I took Lime, Tangerine, and Spearmint and waved under my nose. Holding them all equal had too much Spearmint. I then staggered them- Lime, Tangerine, Spearmint-closest to farthest from my nose. I liked this so I decided my tester blend would be 3 drops Lime, 2 Tangerine, 1 Spearmint. I put this in the small bowl and thought it was perfect. I then did a master blend of 30 Lime, 20 Tangerine, and 10 Spearmint to diffuse on a felt pad in my car- a few drops at a time.

Master blends save time and doing it this way means less mistakes! My blending hack! Also a great way to use those empty bottles!

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