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GreenAir Scent Trekker Small Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

GreenAir Scent Trekker Small Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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Great diffuser for Small Space, Office or Car!

This is the cutest little essential oil diffuser! The Scent Trekker fits in the palm of your hand with all the options of a larger model- lights, long run time, great mist! Designed to be taken on the go, it comes with a usb cord for power. I love this option because if you have a usb charger, you can use this with an electrical outlet too. This diffuser will also fit in the cup holder of your car.


Size: 3" x 3" x 4.25"

Capacity: 60ml

Run time: up to 6 hours

Operating modes: Continuous/ Off

Light Modes: Color Rotating/ Fixed/ Off

Light Color: Red, Purple, Blue, Green

Coverage: 400 sq ft


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Customer Reviews

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I love my diffuer but Please help..

Received diffuser in Oct as gift, i have other brands but this became my fav, however it stopped working last month after a cleaning, i properly cleaned it the same way each time, i used it in the same room & place everytime (nightstand) did everything the instructions said but it won't come on outside of initial light when first plugged up? Please advise because i miss my little buddy..

Hi Felicia! Call Greenair's customer service to see if it is still under warranty or if they can help you. Make sure you tell them that you purchased it from a verified retailer so the warranty still applies.