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Diffuser Bracelet - "Tidal" Brown Leather And Silver Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

"Tidal" Brown Leather and Silver Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet- Adjustable

$ 19.99

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    Clean and straightforward, this 2-strand "Tidal" aromatherapy bracelet is a great everyday bracelet, especially with jeans. The silver bar bead, navy and teal accents,and the silver diffuser locket go together perfectly. Just like the colors in an ocean wave!

    Size: 7-9 inches adjustable
    Diffuser locket size: 0.5" x 0.5"
    Included in package: Bracelet and three 10mm lava stones (assorted colors)

    How to Use: Unclasp the latch and open locket. Remove lava stone from locket. Add 2 drops of your favorite essential oil (or 1 drop of a few different oils to make a custom blend) to the reusable lava stone. Let it absorb for at least 5 minutes (15 minutes would be ideal), wipe off any remaining oil with a tissue to protect inside of diffuser locket, reassemble and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits on the go!

    We offer a 90 day warranty on all Destination Oil's jewelry pieces. We stand behind our products and if you have any issues, please contact us to arrange for a replacement.

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