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Our new Essential Oil Dilution Cards

I needed to reorder dilution cards that come in every order, I made them better by including the safe ages for kids on the back. 1 card- all the info you need! Great for your fridge! Here's a sneak peek!

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My Master Blend Essential Oil Life Hack

My Blending HackMaking a custom essential oil blend? Before mixing in large batches I start small. By simply holding the open bottles under your nose, you can move 1 or 2 closer to your nose to smell that scent stronger. When you find the arrangement you like, take a small glass bowl and add 3 drops for the ones closest to your nose. Add 1 or 2 for the scents you want less of in the blend. If this smells pleasing, multiply the result for the total drops in your master blend. Sidenote- A lot of my custom blends have...

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Headache? Allergies? Try these essential oil inhaler ideas!

If you suffer from headaches or allergies, essential oils may help.

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Sinus pressure? Try Tea Tree essential oil!

I have a confession to make- I don't travel with my full set of essential oils. I usually just have a few stragglers in the cup holder. So when my sinuses started with that pressure feeling, I was looking for anything that could help.

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Destination Oils Product Catalog Download

Want to view all of our items in 1 convenient place? Download our new product catalog here! It also makes it easier to see what size replacement lava stones or pads your new jewelry piece needs.

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