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Digestive Blend Essential Oils- a Testimonial

Do essential oils work for stomach issues? My experience says yes: This month I wanted to write my own testimonial about our Subdue Digestive Blend- my go to for stomachaches and nausea (we don't even keep the pink stuff in the house!). Last week I woke up at 5am, which I NEVER do without 2 alarms, and had that feeling of "uh oh- I am gonna be sick". I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I knew it wasn't good. My stomach was ick, so I grabbed my Subdue and fractionated coconut oil and put all over my...

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How to safely use essential oils during labor and delivery

Essential Oils and Pregnancy A customer reached out to me recently for some information on how to safely use essential oils during labor and delivery. I was so excited by the study I found that I had to share. This study found that peppermint oil was helpful in alleviating nausea and vomiting. Clary sage was used to speed up the labor and "it is interesting to note that of the multi-gravidae in spontaneous labour who received clary sage, 70% did not subsequently require intravenous oxytocin." As a mom who needed oxytocin both times, this would have been great to know!...

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Kid Safe Ages for Essential Oil Usage

When you are parents to small children, their safety is your top concern. While essential oils are natural, they are still chemicals and need to be treated as such. Follow this chart to ensure proper usage of your essential oils around your kids. This applies to all essential oils, regardless of the company providing them.

This chart shows the latest recommendations by Tisserand for safe essential oil usage in infants and children. This is for both topical use at the listed dilutions and diffusion unless marked otherwise.

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What size lava stone or felt pad does my essential oil jewelry need?

Here is a great video in case you need to know what size lava stone or felt diffuser pad your diffuser jewelry uses. A visual of all of our replacement sizes compared to a dime and quarter- can you tell I am a visual person?? :)

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Our new Essential Oil Dilution Cards

I needed to reorder dilution cards that come in every order, I made them better by including the safe ages for kids on the back. 1 card- all the info you need! Great for your fridge! Here's a sneak peek!

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