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Kid Safe Ages for Essential Oil Usage

When you are parents to small children, their safety is your top concern. While essential oils are natural, they are still chemicals and need to be treated as such. Follow this chart to ensure proper usage of your essential oils around your kids. This applies to all essential oils, regardless of the company providing them.

This chart shows the latest recommendations by Tisserand for safe essential oil usage in infants and children. This is for both topical use at the listed dilutions and diffusion unless marked otherwise.

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What size lava stone or felt pad does my essential oil jewelry need?

Here is a great video in case you need to know what size lava stone or felt diffuser pad your diffuser jewelry uses. A visual of all of our replacement sizes compared to a dime and quarter- can you tell I am a visual person?? :)

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Our new Essential Oil Dilution Cards

I needed to reorder dilution cards that come in every order, I made them better by including the safe ages for kids on the back. 1 card- all the info you need! Great for your fridge! Here's a sneak peek!

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My Master Blend Essential Oil Life Hack

My Blending HackMaking a custom essential oil blend? Before mixing in large batches I start small. By simply holding the open bottles under your nose, you can move 1 or 2 closer to your nose to smell that scent stronger. When you find the arrangement you like, take a small glass bowl and add 3 drops for the ones closest to your nose. Add 1 or 2 for the scents you want less of in the blend. If this smells pleasing, multiply the result for the total drops in your master blend. Sidenote- A lot of my custom blends have...

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Headache? Allergies? Try these essential oil inhaler ideas!

If you suffer from headaches or allergies, essential oils may help.

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